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Lunch Menu

Served from Monday-Saturday from 12pm – 2:30pm

Please refer to our Black Board for Daily Specials, or ask a Member of Staff


Wrap £5.50 or Ciabatta £ 5.95

Grilled Cheese & Pineapple (V)

Crispy Bacon, Welsh Brie and Cranberry

Minute Steak with Red Onion Marmalade, Rocket and Mustard Mayonnaise

Pulled Pork & Apple

Chicken Tikka

Hoisin Duck (DF)

Bacon, Sausage, Mushroom, Tomato Ketchup, Hash Brown & Fried Egg

Turkey & Cranberry (DF

0Falafel, Mint Yoghurt & Rocket (V)

Goats Cheese & Mediterranean Vegetables (V)


All of the above are served with Coleslaw, House Salad and Crisps

£1.50 Extra for Fries

Toasties   £5.50

Choose from:


Cheese & Onion

Ham, Cheese & Onion

Cheese & Tomato

Ham & Pickles

Pulled Pork & Mozzerella

Bacon & Egg Banjo


All of the above are served with Coleslaw, House Salad and Crisps

£1.50 Extra for Fries


Breakfast Toastie   £6.95





Fried Egg

Hash Brown

Smoked Cheese

Beans on the Side


All of the above are served with Coleslaw, House Salad and Crisps

£1.50 Extra for Fries


Jacket Potato

            Jacket Potato served with a Side Salad and a filling of your choice   £6.50

Chose from: Chilli Con Carne , Vegetable Curry (VE, DF), Cheese & Pickle (V), Baked Beans & Sausage, Sweet Chilli Chicken (GF), Prawn Marie Rose Sauce (V, GF), Cottage Cheese & Pineapple (V, GF)

(Extra Fillings £1.00 Each) 


A Selection of Omelettes served with a House Salad and Coleslaw   £5.95

Choose from: Honey Roasted Ham , Mature Cheddar (V), Mushrooms (V, GF), Onion (V,GF) Spanish (New Potatoes, Peas, Tomato, Spring Onion)

(Extra Fillings £1.00 Each)


      Homemade Lamb Cawl, with a Hint of Mint, and a Wedge of Farmhouse Bloomer   £4.50

Soup of the Day, with Rustic Farmhouse Bloomer (V, VE)   £4.25

Red Onion & Goats Cheese Tart, Walnut and Rocket Salad with a Raspberry Dressing   £5.95

Breaded Whitebait served with Garlic Mayonnaise & House Salad   £6.95

Smoked Chicken & Leek Terrine, Pickled Vegetables & Rocket Salad   £6.95

Homemade Thai Fish Cake served with Noodles and a Spring Onion Salad (DF)   £4.75

Main Course

Honey & Mustard Glazed Ham with Hand Cut Chips and a Fried Egg (GF, DF)   £5.50

Breaded Scampi served with Hand Cut Chips, Garden Peas and Homemade Tartare Sauce £9.95

Beef Strips with Blue Cheese Sauce served with Chips & Rocket Salad   £10.95

Tempura Battered Cod with Peas & Chips   £10.95

Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic Bread   £10.95

Beef Lasagne with Garlic Bread   £10.95

Wild Mushroom & Spinach Carbonara with Garlic Bread   £8.95 (V)

Field Mushroom stuffed with Goats Cheese, Couscous & Sundried Tomato served with Rocket Salad & Onion Marmalade   £8.95 (G,F,V)


Side orders


            Coleslaw (V, GF)  £1.00                            

            Homemade Onion Rings   £1.50

            Buttered New Potatoes (V, GF)   £1.50          

            Garlic Bread   £1.50

            Seasonal Vegetables (V, VE, GF, DF)   £1.80    

            Cheesy Garlic Bread   £2.00  

            Hand Cut Chips   £2.00 (V, GF, DF)                  

            Bread and Butter   50p

            Fresh House Salad (V, VE, GF, DF)   £1.00                                        



Homemade Croissant Bread & Butter Pudding   £5.50

Chocolate Orange Tart with Mango Sorbet   £5.50

Raspberry Pavlova   £4.95

Strawberry Shortbread   £5.50

Apple Strudel with Custard   £4.95

A Selection of Welsh Cheeses with Grapes, Apple, Celery, Rev James Chutney and Classic Jacob’s Crackers   £6.50

Mario’s Ice Cream Flavours

Three Scoops of Ice Cream served in a Tuille Basket   £3.50


Choose from:

Mint Choc Chip


Raspberry Ripple


Swiss Double Chocolate



                                             Mario’s Sorbet Flavours

Three Scoops of Sorbet served in a Tuille Basket   £4.00 


Choose from:

Champagne (V, VE, DF)

Lemon (V, VE, DF)

Raspberry (V, VE, DF)

Blackcurrant (V, VE, DF)

Children’s Menu

Sandwiches Served with Crisps   £2.00 Each


Bacon with Tomato Ketchup




Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas   £3.95

Cheese & Tomato Pizza with Fries (V)   £3.95

Chicken Nuggets served with Beans or Peas and Fries   £3.95

Sausage with Fries or Mashed Potato   £4.25

40z Battered Haddock with Fries and Peas   £4.25


(V = Vegetarian, VE = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free)

If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements please talk to a member of staff before placing your order, our staff will be happy to advise you on the ingredients included in our food. We are unable to guarantee 100% that menu items are free from traces of nuts or fish bones. All weights are approximating uncooked. All subject to availability.

 If for any reason you are unhappy with your visit please let a member of staff know.

All our dishes are Homemade wherever possible. Food is cooked to order so please expect a delay during busy periods.